School closes 12 PM 18th December.


It was with great excitement that I started as Principal of Wilson School at the start of the 2018 school year. My focus is getting to know the students, families, whánau and staff. I am looking forward to meeting families/whánau at school events and am also available if you wish to make an appointment to meet with me.

Wilson School in Takapuna is a state school which offers a nurturing, positive, friendly and welcoming environment for learners from five to twenty-one years with additional learning needs across a range of settings. Our base school is in St Leonard’s Road, in the grounds of the Wilson Centre. Additional to this, Wilson School has close working relationships with mainstream schools across the North Shore. Ten satellite classrooms have been established in mainstream settings where staff provide support and opportunities for integration within the host school.

Our specialist learning environments ensure that each young person has access to a personal, relevant, meaningful and individualised learning opportunity within the New Zealand Curriculum. We recognise achievement for all and the school focuses on enriching learning opportunities across all curriculum areas based on multi-professional assessment of individual student’s needs. We hold the learning of our young people and their well-being at the centre of everything we do, celebrating success at all levels. We believe that working in partnership with families enhances the learning outcomes of our students.

In addition, our Specialist Outreach Service work alongside mainstream teachers supporting ORS funded students enrolled in local schools.

At Wilson School we have a dedicated team of teachers, therapists, teacher aides and administration staff, as well as regular access to music therapists and a psychologist. Wilson School is an accredited “Team Teach” school. Staff use Team Teach strategies to support students.  We believe that if students are having fun and are engaged with an activity, their learning will be maximised.

We would be happy to assist with any further queries and welcome visits from anyone who would like to find out more about our school.

Natalie Todd